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Don’t know what to present to your sister? Don’t worry, think about her tastes and interests or maybe she even has a hobby? Still stuck? Well, then it can be an interesting idea to present something that she cannot hold in hands.

It is always interesting to learn something new. To begin with, you can choose a gift from a wide variety of different activities, dancing, swimming or cooking lessons, etc.

For example, almost all girls like dancing. Nowadays there are a lot of different dancing styles: ballet (classic, romantic, modern), ethnic, folk, historical, ballroom, Latin-American, sporty and modern dance (includes a lot of new interesting styles so it can be one of the best options).

A few words about dance styles.

Modern dance styles have started in the 20-th century and continue to grow nowadays. A lot of styles has appeared: hip-hop, house, break dance, street, club, locking, popping, c-walk, go-go, hustle, shuffle, robot, DnB step, Jazz Funk, etc. and so forth. Almost all of them are very active and energetic and mostly useful for active modern persons.

Not only modern but also Latin-American dance styles deserve an attention. They appeared during the 19-th century in the process of Indian, Spanish and African music styles interfusion. This process mainly took place in South America. In Europe, Latin dance has been known only since the beginning of the twentieth century. Latin dance styles include cha-cha dance, rumba, samba, pasodoble, jive, lambada, bachata, salsa, reggaeton, raga jam and of course breathtaking tango. Passionate, feminine and beautiful and they also will take your sister`s breath away.


As you can see there is a wide range of dancing styles to choose from. If you don't know what dance style certificate to present, just choose one that offers different dance lessons and your sister will be able to choose for herself.

Good luck!
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