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Nowadays it is quite popular to present such gifts like new gadgets, shopping cards or training courses. But, it`s much more pleasant to give not only something useful you can use or hold in your hands but also something emotional. Everybody likes to give presents bringing joy and memories. If your mom works hard and gets tired, it is a good idea to present her something invigorating. A horse ride is exactly what she’ll need!


Why a horse ride?

It’s proved that outdoor horse ride improves blood circulation, increases oxygen in the blood and thus has a positive effect on the entire body. But that isn`t all, horse riding also has a positive effect on the central nervous, respiratory, and particularly the digestive systems. Even more, many people believe that a horse ride can even be quite healing in some cases and might help to cope with stresses of everyday modern life.

Worrying if she can even do it? Here are some tips on what she'll need and you can decide if it is doable.

First and foremost, find out if she doesn't afraid of horses! :) She doesn't need to love them but she must not be afraid of them.


If your mom had never ridden a horse before, please note that she’ll need proper clothes to do so. At summer it should be light, legs covered (e.g. trousers, leggings, high-waisted jeans). Skirts aren`t much suitable for conventional riding. Shoes must be comfortable for walking (e.g. boots or sneakers). At autumn and spring choose clothes for wet weather that can protect her from wind and rain. Also, you might need something like wellingtons in the rainy season. Don’t forget about gloves as hands might freeze holding a horse bridle. And of course, at winter time it is nice to wear warm trousers and short warm jacket and warm gloves are a must.


The next step is to learn how to behave near the horse and establish a first contact. Rules are quite simple; 1) You need to stand in front of the horse where it can see you so the horse won`t afraid of you. 2) Speak only in a calm voice. Horses are really clever animals, they feel rider’s mood and even a personality. 3) It might be helpful to give a horse some treats like apple, carrot, sugar or bread.

When you are on the horseback remember about three rules for beginners: keep your balance, relax your muscles and follow the horse’s movement rhythm.

That's it!

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