How to find a perfect gift for Grandma posted by titoironman, September 26, 2015, 22:12

Why does it feels that buying a gift for Granny is fun? That's because when you think of all the people in your family, isn't she the one who thinks you can do no wrong, who loves you a million times over and thinks you are the greatest? You already know that whatever gift you come up with for her, she will love. But that shouldn't stop you from trying your best to please her. The perfect gift for grandma is the one you choose with her interests in mind.

Grandmas come in all shapes and sizes, with interests that vary. Is she the type that likes to sit quietly while working on her knitting? Is she the type who goes to the library a few times a week to check out the best sellers? Is she the type who always has an award-winning meal ready to serve in a matter of minutes? There are so many gift choices just based on these facts about her.

If she is the type who will knit all the gifts for the babies in the family, what about a supply of yarn in soft, baby colors? Better yet, maybe a gift card to a craft store will be just the right thing for her. If you think that's a little impersonal, you can get a few little trinket gifts to go with it.

If Grandma like to read, what about a subscription to her favorite magazine? If you are sure of her reading tastes, the newest best seller is sure to please. You can even add some pretty bookmarks to go with it. That would add a really nice touch.

Grandma may be a whiz in the kitchen, but she just might appreciate some new cookbooks. She is sure to have a stash of old tried and true family recipes at her disposal, but everyone likes to try something new and Grandma is no exception. Along with the cookbook, maybe some nice new cooking utensils would be a good choice. Even some pretty dish towels and potholders to spice up her kitchen may make her happy.

Staying in this realm, what if you baked something for her? Turn the tables on her and see if she doesn't love that! Along with her other gift, give her a nice coffee cake or plate of cookies that you made yourself. Maybe even put them on a new serving dish that she can keep afterward.

Once you start thinking about all she does, the ideas for gifts keep getting easier. When you realized it was time to find a gift for grandma, there was no reason to fret and worry about what to get her.

The key here is to decide on the main gift, and then think of smaller gifts to go with it, so that you create a "theme" and everyone else who sees what you've chosen is also very impressed. But in this situation, the only one you want to impress is Grandma, and if you put some thought into it, you'll find it's really very easy.
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