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When it`s time to choose a gift for your granny, you need to determine which one she would appreciate the most. If your granny likes to be at home and not so active, of course, you can present her something for home use. But if she is an «active» type and likes different performances you can present her theater tickets. Theater`s history started in Ancient Greece. At those times only men were actors, they wore huge masks with only one emotion. So, the audience heard their voices very badly and only see them very well. The Greeks were able to solve this problem. They started to construct buildings of special architecture called amphitheater. The shape of these buildings was so successful so nowadays people also use it. Just with some improvements.

You can choose from a wide variety of theater`s performance styles: Academic, Drama, Music, Opera and Ballet, Puppet, Parody, Absurd, Author, Light, Musical Comedy, Satire, Poetry, Dance, Shadow Theater, etc.

Of course, you should find out exactly which genre your granny would like to see. The most popular are:
  • Drama - is more serious than other types. Here you can find more complex nature of character`s inner world and quite an intricate plot. Choose this genre in case when your granny likes serious life drama stories;
  • Comedy`s goal is to make fun of people`s sins and characters, show curious life situations. Easy play for most persons because of simple plot and a lot of humor. A good way to have some fun. If your granny likes comedy and she is a positive, open-minded person choose this genre;
  • Tragicomedy - A Dramatic performance, having features of both comedy and tragedy. Choose this one if your granny is an optimist and likes to see some fun in dramatic situations;
  • Vaudeville is a light, comedy played with the verses; humorous, mocking - satirical songs that make fun of minor violations of social norms, soft comedy fights. A good option if your granny likes an «adult» humor.
Theater tickets are a good way to present your granny as a gift. It is better to present her two couple tickets, so she can take your granddad, friend or you to enjoy an action on the stage together.
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