How to find a perfect gift for Grandad posted by titoironman, September 26, 2015, 22:11

To find the perfect gift for grandad, you have to know not only what kind of person he is, but what his tastes are. Once you start to think about it, it may be easier than you first thought.

Is your grandad the "let's go fishing" type and he will be on his way out to the lake at every opportunity? Does he own a boat? These two things open up a whole array of ways to find a gift for grandad. Does he need a new tackle box? After years of fishing, possibly his accessories may need to be replaced. Even something simple as a package of lures or fish hooks may be appreciated, along with a larger gift, such as a new rod and reel or even a new knife to clean the fish with.

Does grandad like sports, and if so, which ones? Is he a participant or more the armchair variety? Knowing all of this will help you make a good choice for a gift that will really please him. What about getting really creative and giving him tickets to see his favorite team? Of course, if you buy two tickets, tell him you will take him there. He is sure to like that, too, having the chance to spend some time with you.

Does grandad like to spend time outdoors and putter around in the garden? Does he have a vegetable garden? If so, some nice new gardening tools may be nice and those are the kind of things people never seem to buy for themselves. Add a pair of heavyweight gardening gloves and you will have put together the perfect gift for grandad.

Does grandad like to watch movies? If so, why not volunteer to take him to the theater and buy the tickets, and don't forget to buy him some popcorn, too. If your grandad lives alone, he will especially enjoy your company, along with the time spent going to the movies.

Does grandad like to take advantage of the restaurant early bird specials? You could offer to buy dinner for him sometime and while there, give him a gift card to that very restaurant. He may just consider that a great gift, if he doesn't have to cook for himself. We all know that every now and then, a dinner out is a very welcome change to the humdrum task of cooking and cleaning up each night.

Does grandad often walk around the house wearing a sweater? If he is cold-natured, possibly a nice soft blanket would be welcome. He could curl up with it at night while watching TV. Along with the blanket, what about a pair of warm fuzzy slippers to complete the gift?

Does grandad have a fancy for electronic equipment? If so, what about a new phone with some features he may like? Add a new case and charger with it and you have the total package. What about a new keyboard for his computer? Add a new mouse pad or even a wireless mouse and again, you have a nice gift set.

No matter which gift you end up with for grandad, if it's based on his likes, he is sure to love it - and love you for getting it!
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