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To choose a good gift for your grandad, think about his interests and hobbies. In case your grandad likes to play games, you can present him a nice set of different board games as very often our grandads like to play with family or friends. The most popular games are backgammon, chess, checkers, and domino.

These games came to us from ancient times. Backgammon - is the most famous game that came from the East. People have been playing backgammon for the last 7000 years! Archaeologists during excavations in one of the Asian countries have found a backgammon board, dated 5000 years BC. The oldest ancestor of backgammon game is the Egyptian game Senet, which appeared at around 3000 BC.


Chess appeared in India about fifteen hundred years ago. Chess was called «chaturanga». Later, probably outside India, in countries that were part of the Arab Caliphate, «chaturanga» turned into «shatranj». Rules of this game were completely different from the modern chess.


The checkers «alquerque» was common in ancient Egypt, this game appeared approximately in 1600 BC.


The history of the domino begins in Middle Ages in India and China. It is believed that it was the prototype of the dice.


Nowadays, all these games are made of various materials, shapes, and comes from different manufacturers. Each game set sometimes is made of high-quality, durable materials (usually a tree or bamboo). The board can be magnetic and in various sizes. The size of game figures also differs depending on the size of the board. The smallest are the travel sets.


All these games have a rich history and worth to be a good gift. If you are not sure what game your grandad likes, the good idea might be presenting a set of games. For example, a lot of shops propose a wide range of game sets like «three or four in one». So, your grandpa will be able to try and choose a game for himself.

Also, the good idea might be to give him the training class ticket along with the game set to learn these games with other elderly people. Grandad will be thrilled to find out different ways of playing and to get an opportunity to meet other people with the same interests. And of course, these games are a good idea to spend quality time with the family. In addition, a lot of elderly people like to play board games with their friends and family in some cozy places like a terrace of the house.
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