The Most Memorable Personalized Gift for Dad - Wood Baseball Bat posted by titoironman, September 26, 2015, 22:29

To find a perfect gift for your father is not a daunting task to do. If you still looking for an idea, search no more - get a personalized wooden baseball bat for your beloved dad!

How will your dad use It

A personalized baseball bat that is customized with your own words and your dad’s name are nothing to shake a stick at. Your dad will treasure this gift and save it on his desk to remember the fine moments of this celebration. Or, perhaps he will invite you and your brother to bat some balls around the house backyard and have some fun with you. Some fathers also have security in mind. They tend to keep one in their bedroom or car just in case it is needed to protect the family members. No matter how your dad will use it, the baseball bat is a unique and cool gift that every dad are sure like. Many bats are ready to be personalized with engraving. You can use some phrases like GREATEST DAD EVER, MOST VALUABLE DAD, or anything you like. Just imagine - Your dad will slowly pull out the bat from the wrapping, look at it, and say “Wow! This is cool!” - Your dad will love that personalized bat!

Engraved baseball bat makes the perfect gift for different occasions

A personalized baseball bat is not an ordinary gift as personalization make it unique and fun gift that can be used for a number of special occasions. For example, if your father has been participating in a company’s baseball team, at the end of his season, giving him the gift like personalized bat will probably be the one of the most memorable moment he will treasure for a very long time. It does not matter whether he lost or won and there is no age restriction to enjoy the engraved wooden bat. Your Dad will even be proud to show off with that personalized gift to his colleagues.

Another great point when we talk about engraving wood baseball bat is that you are not limited by words, font or picture and you can use your own creativity to personalize it.

Things to Consider

A custom wood baseball bat is made of some of the finest quality woods such as cherry wood, maple, and ash. The items are available in a variety of shapes, models, and colors.

The outer part of the wooden baseball bat is blank before engraved. Here you can locate any words or phrases you want to deliver. However, this is your father’s special day after all, and purchasing the correct bat can make a huge difference.

Baseball Bat Sizing have many different variables including body types, size, and height. Buying the correct bat can have a big impact on batting averages and power numbers over the course of a season whether you are in the little league, high school, or in a college. The most common size for adults older than 17 years old would be the 34-inch long bat. I am sure that your father is above 17 years old so that 34” baseball bat would be the perfect fit for him.

Nowadays there are many different manufacturers produce different baseball bats with hundreds of various sizes and models.

So, which one will you choose? Maple, ash, cherry, other wood or maybe aluminum bat?

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