How to find a perfect gift for Dad posted by JakeLin, September 13, 2015, 15:00

When it's time to find a gift for dad, giving it a little thought and planning can go a long way in appreciation. Nothing is so boring as to give your dad a shirt or a tie. Does your dad really need those? Chances are he probably has loads of them in his closet already. Although he will say he likes them, (would he really say he didn't - even if he wasn't too thrilled with your choice), something else could have been a whole lot better.

The most important thing to remember when choosing the perfect gift for dad is his needs, his likes and his taste, not your lazy "I have to buy a tie" solution. That translates to, "Sorry I really didn't care enough to put some extra thought into your gift --- so here's a gift that took only five minutes to pick out, buy and wrap."

Think of the impact you could make by putting a little extra effort forth in selecting the perfect gift for dad. You get to look good in dad's eyes - and everyone else's, too.

Does your dad have a favorite sports team? If so, you could get a shirt, hat, etc. with the name of the team on them, but that's a common choice. Why not take it one step further and consider buying tickets for him to see a game featuring that team? If dad doesn't live in the particular city where the team has their home field, another nice option could be a framed picture of the team, etc. Finally, a gift card to a sports store would also be great since dad would then have the option of choosing something for himself.

Does your dad enjoy a certain type of food or drink? If so, what about getting him a nice supply of those? Along those same lines, a gift card to his favorite restaurant might be appreciated, too.

Is dad fond of reading? If he is, then a subscription to his favorite magazine might be a good fit. If you know he likes to read, but are not exactly sure what book to choose for him, give a bookstore gift card and let him choose what he would like.

There is always the option of giving him a weekend stay at a nearby hotel, if he is overworked during the week and needs some time for rest and relaxation. This type of gift may be something he would really enjoy and may be physically good for him, as well.

The whole thing behind gift giving is to keep the likes of the receiver in mind. You should never end up giving a gift that is of the "one size fits all" variety.(Remember the tie story?) Make your gift special and truly unique, your dad will love you for it. Better yet, he will truly enjoy it and that's what a well thought out gift selection is supposed to do.
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