Choose a birthday gift for extreme-seeking Dad posted by titoironman, July 25, 2016, 5:13

Does your father like extreme experiences like diving, hunting or parachute jumps? Or he just seeking for new experiences? To open up something new for him, an interesting solution would be to present him a Helicopter Flight - an extreme and bright event your dad will never forget.

Where to fly?

It is a good idea to choose a local service provider familiar with the territory. You can choose some certain destinations, of course, and a helicopter can even «freeze on top of some place» enabling your dad to see all the picturesque views of nature or a beautiful sunset. But, probably, you do not need to pay much attention to any of the tourist sight-seeing routes as your dad would probably be more interested to see from the «bird's-eye view» his childhood or your Mom's and Dad's romantic places and not some tourist attractions.

Does it expensive?

Nowadays a lot of companies provide such service and offer to rent a light airplane or a helicopter with a pilot. Usually, this kind of service use successful businessmen and politicians. However, more and more people with an average income able to rent a helicopter as a gift or just for self-entertainment.

Some things to consider.

On buying the fly certificate you'll need to determine which area to fly to (consult the pilot on how to avoid restricted areas like military bases or nuclear plants).

Think about the aircraft type and which size of the aircraft to choose, depending on how many people will be on this aircraft as perhaps not only your Dad but all your family would like to get on board (and share the fees :) ).

Think about suitable date and the duration time of the fly;

Think of any additional services you'd like to add like soft drinks, photographer or video operator. That's it!

So, ready to try?

Just give it a go, you won't regret!
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