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It is always a bit daunting task to present a gift to someone since we must know what they are interested in. If you want to present more than just occasional stuff, you need to do your homework well, especially if you are going to present a gift to your brother. The idea of presenting a gift on special occasion require understanding of several aspects such as your brother’s interests, wishes, hopes, and much more. You need to give an effort and use your imagination as perfect gifts are those are remembered and treasured for a long time. So, before going ahead looking for one please consider few things:

If you are a younger brother

Before talking about age difference, the first aspect to think about is your relationship with him and acknowledging how well you and your brother get along. Mind how much time you’ve been spending with him, his priorities and interests as age does not always show the maturity or the opposite. It also means, budget is not always the top of the matter.
Just forget all the gaps you have with him and think about his needs. Try to give him something that represents your support for him and his goals. Try to look for something that will last for a long period of time. And while searching, keep in mind that boys will always be the boys.

If your brother is older than you it could also mean he is far more wealthier than you, and instead of spending much to buy expensive and luxury gifts, you need to try to think out of the box. In this position, you should focus on your family and relationship matter. You can present a gift which can make him recall about some fun and unforgettable childhood memory. Just make sure you add family elements to your gift.

It could also be something related to his interests. Keep in mind that job is not done unless you find something that his "money can’t buy" it has to be something that he is interested in. Finding your brother’s interests could definitely solve all the problems.

If you want to give him something that he can treasure, then think about something more than his expectations. How can you do this? Well, it is not as hard as you think. If common brothers love to see movies, play video games, hanging out, you can exclude those things from your possible gift’s list. If you are considering to give him something like jacket or perfume, don’t mind about it. Your mother or his girlfriend would think about those. You need to think something out of the box. So, try a gift which is close to his hobby or interest. Note: You can do some research in his room whyle he is not around :).

If you are an older brother

It is also quite hard to find out what would be the best gift for your younger brother. The answer is always a mystery especially as at young age kids change their interests very often. However, giving something with passion, love and in the same time encouraging to develop and improve himself would be the best choice. You can also think about something that may give him inspiration and motivation. Great gift could also be something that will make him proud in the eyes of his classmates, parents or friends.

If your brother has not settled yet, helping him by giving something that can improve his life will show that you care about him and he will appreciate your kindness. Your brother will appreciate if his requirements are met and intense desire is satisfied.

But, if you are not sure you'll achieve the necessary outcome it is better to show your love by giving him stuff that he wants the most instead of what "you think" he needs the most. If there is nothing better, you can just present the gift that he will enjoy.

Some more thoughts

Sometimes the greatest gift in your brother’s life is not a physical stuff. What I meant is that we don’t appreciate the gifts given by someone that failed our trust. Therefore, when you want to make your brother happy, always prioritize his needs. Gifts are not always expensive stuff or so. Giving gift is the symbol of our love and care. It tells the recipient about how we love and care and how much they mean to us.

Last Seconds Guide

If you missed an opportunity to research on your own, you can still manage. Ask his close friends, girlfriend, or wife and work mates about his interests. You will find a lot of clues from their honest opinions. You can even ask about your brother daily activities with them. You can ask about how does your brother treat them, what did he was talking about, and many other things. Those questions are important and will give you valuable information. You will know your brothers likes and dislikes. And if you're still don’t have any idea, just throw him some surprise by helping him to arrange his birthday party and be a good company for this special occasion. I am sure he will treasure the memories.
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