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We are always trying to give our relatives love, happiness and our attention. Very often we want to express our feelings in good and useful gifts and brothers are not an exception.

One of the best choices for the brother's gift is a backpack!

Its history started a long time ago. The first backpack was made of a wooden frame with an animal skin stretched over it. The word backpack initially has come from the German language: «Rucksack» means a bag that is worn on the back.

Why should you present the backpack?

To begin with, this is one of the most useful and convenient stuff for different events and situations. Does your brother play football or go boxing? If so, he could put his uniform and necessary equipment into the backpack. Or, maybe your brother prefers active leisure or traveling? Planning a trip to the sea, safari or hiking in the mountains. That's great! He can pack in it all the necessary things like a thermos bottle, water, food, clothes, sun cream or mosquito spray and even a small tent. The backpack has a universal use for any kind of things: uniform, food, laptop, clothes or a skate!


So, how to choose the right backpack?

To start, you should understand how your brother would want to use the backpack. If he'll use it just for carrying clothes or taking it for a walk you should choose a more flexible material. Do not forget to find out your brother`s color preference and probably the right brand if, for example, he has a branded skate to carry on it.

In case your brother likes traveling and active leisure, you should take one of the most durable and modern materials and in a darker color as the dark colored backpack will stay cleaner much longer outdoors. Another thing, it is nice to have a multifunctional bag with a lot of convenient pockets on the trip. Don`t forget about the size, the traveling backpack will have to accommodate much more things than usual everyday use bag.
Several considerations to make the right choice:

  • Choose the backpack according to the purpose of use (traveling, tourism, for laptop, everyday wear, etc.);
  • Select the right size, color and shape;
  • Pay attention to material`s quality;
  • Base your choice on brother`s brand preferences.

And another thing :) please note, that male bags differ from female ones due to the anatomical differences and colors of course...
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