Forgotten Frontier Quarantine Outpost - Class 3, Magnometric posted by titoironman, June 19, 2016, 5:09

Faction: Sleepers
Signature type: Magnetometric
Space type: Normal Space
Web/Scramble: Yes, Emergent Defender, Awakened Upholder, Sleepless Defender
Damage dealt: Omni
Minimum recommended ship class: Well tanked passive Battlecruiser (2+)
Recommended generic setup: Omni tank
Extras: NEUT

All sleepers will auto aggress; Sleepers will switch targets, drones and support ships are not immune.

Single Pocket

Initial Group
3x Cruisers (Awakened Preserver) [RR] TRIGGER
6x Frigates (Emergent Defender) [WEB]
Max Incoming DPS: 372 (EM/The 35%, Kin/Exp 15%)

Reinforcement Wave 1
2 x Cruisers (Awakened Upholder) [WEB, NEUT]
3 x Cruisers (Awakened Defender) TRIGGER
2 x Cruisers (Awakened Preserver) [RR]
Max Incoming DPS: 404 (EM/The 33%, Kin/Exp 17%)

Reinforcement Wave 2
1x Battleship (Sleepless Defender) [WEB]
4x Frigates (Emergent Upholder) [RR, NEUT] TRIGGER
Max Incoming DPS: 490 (EM/The 28%, Kin/Exp 22%)

Reinforcement Wave 3
2x Battleships (Sleepless Preserver) [RR]
4x Frigates (Emergent Defender) [WEB]
Max Incoming DPS: 608 (EM/The 12%, Kin/Exp 38%)

7x Artifacts (spawn container, analyzer)
Small chance of a Deserted Talocan Cruiser (spawn container, salvager)

Mission data kindly provided by with full complience of the coryright rules stated. Please refer to the source for more information.
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