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Gaming industry is flourishing with each passing day. People from all lifestyles irrespective of age, gender, religion, creed or caste have chosen gaming as their favorite pastime. Game developers and console manufacturers have never let those people down by producing one masterpiece after another, pushing gaming to the next level.

Thanks to high-speed internet, online gaming has gained vast popularity. Best of all there are many free and low cost games playable online and capable of giving you lots and lots of hours of fun-filled gaming experience you won’t regret for a long time. Eve online is one such example and despite it follows a monthly subscription model there are number of ways to play it for free as you can earn enough in-game funds simply by playing the game itself. Play the game well and you won’t have to spend a single penny for this highly satisfying space combat MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online). Of course, you will need patience and constant effort to achieve your goals but it is definitely worth the while.

This game is a brilliant integration of learning and fun and highly recommended for young gamers who wants to enjoy some thrill and develop new skills and concepts. The game even teaches you some lessons that could help you in real life situations. For example, the same trading supply and demand concepts connect Eve Online trading to the real world situations where prices of goods fluctuate with supply and demand as it actually happens in the real world.

Interested? Then here is an eve guide describing how you can play this subscription-based game without paying the real money. For that, you’ll need:

Pilot License Extension

To pay for the subscription you’ll need PLEX (Pilot License Extension). It is an in-game purchase giving you a 30 day of free play. You need to be aware that in order to get it without paying the real money you will need to earn around eight to nine hundred million of in-game currency called ISK (Interstellar Kredits). It is a big price to pay and it’ll take some effort to achieve especially for the newbie player as at first you will take a slow start with only a million ISK, really small ship and a trial account. But, do not worry! After a few months if things pan out well for you then you may even surpass your target.

In general, there are four main ways to earn the necessary ISK within the game new player can start with: Trade, Joining Militia, Mining and Missioning.


If you have ever played MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online) games before then it won’t take long for you to get adjusted in eve game environment. This game is going to teach you some economics, as there is lot of buying and selling involved. And, making right purchase and selling decisions at the right time is key to success.

If you are new to this trading environment then it is better to look towards less crowded item markets because speed is much slower there and you get more time to adjust in easier conditions. Buying in bulk and selling one at a time is the right way to go for.

If you can’t find a better deal for desired goods or prices are high in your sector, then it is well suited to buy and sell it to markets where the prices are on the higher side. Load your cargo and ship it to the distant parts of eve universe to earn more profits. Different eve zones have different prices so you can make the most from that. However, be aware that although there are potentially much more profit to gain, further from trading hubs you’ll get, there is also more dangerous to fly to. Basically, lower the security level and further from the trading hub the desired system is - higher the prices are. The best profits of course are in the low security (0.4 and lower) space, but there are no protection from the CONCORD so before you will train enough skills for advanced jump freighter do not even think to go there, as you will definitely lose your ship to gankers! And the last thing holds true for eve as well - whether real or virtual world, never keep all eggs in one basket when you are making an investment. Try to diversify the trade items and systems.

Joining Militia

One of the best ways to earn ISK for PLEX is by joining a factional warfare group. The militia is one such group, and since you are often at depleted odds then when going against some other military forces, you are able to increase your ISK quicker. You just need to know how to do all of this in the most effective way as possible.

First off, before you are able to join any sort of militia group, you’ll need to have a regular, paid account. If you are in trial mode or using one of the free options, you will not be able to join. Joining militia is only available for serious players and those who are looking to put in their time.

There are few different militia faction corporations available to you, including the Amarr, Caldari, Gallente and Minmatar. When selecting a side, you need to consider the fact that you are always going to be at war with your militia's enemy (other faction), so choose the group you want to go with wisely. There is nothing drastically different between these militias in eve online, so you are able to go with any and still earn the ISK for your PLEX the same way. Just choose the one related to your area of residence as other probably will be in the other faction’s controlled space anyways. And, it is best you do not have a role in a player run corporation, as it takes at least 24 hours for you to relinquish the role before you are able to join. After that, once you request to join, it happens immediately.

Then, when you finally joined, in your assignment you’ll need to capture a system under control of your militia's enemy. First, you will probably get confused to see the number of small battles for supremacy taking place between some smaller groups and that is ok, just do what you have to do. More missions you’ll make, more used to them you’ll be.

Once you begin to attack the planet it becomes contested, which you must hold back against the enemy militia in order to reach 100 percent of control. Please note that you’ll earn more ISK by attacking a stable planet, as if you join in on a contested fight, the ISK you’ll receive will be reduced.

To speed up the process, you’d want to warp-in and look for the warp-in beacon, which places you closest to the capture point. This way, you can reduce the time it takes to capture the target, thus increasing the amount of ISK you’ll earn for your PLEX. So, before attacking any sort of planet, always make sure to locate the warp-in beacon, otherwise you are going to reduce your ISK earned and drag out the attack time. After some time you’ll be able to select a bigger mission, which can help you in earning 100,000 points equal to 300 million ISK at once!!! Also, with each success, you will be getting loyalty points, which then you’ll be able to exchange into your factions modules or even ships and sell them for more profit.


First things first, remember: If you post insane amounts of ore for sale at a reasonable price, someone will always buy it, probably quickly and probably all at once. Make sure you research the prices in your area ahead of time and charge a competitive rate. Never, ever, post your ore at the default price - you might as well give it away.

Mission Mining

After you’ll get some experience you can just choose some system with plenty of ore belts and mine there, but for now, private, solo agent missions are your best, most reliable and safest source for earning ISK as a beginner.

1. Go to the Mining agent. Find and accept missions in safe areas (0.7 and above), missions which ask you to warp to a private area.
2. Warp in with your fighter of choice.
3. Clear the area of combatants and check for ore in your Overview. Make sure you check ALL rooms for multi-room missions!
4. If there’s no ore, turn in the mission for ISK (and reputation) and move on. If there’s ore, return to the base, grab your Venture or other mining vessel, and get mining.
5. Fill up your ore bay, return to the nearest trade base, sell the ore, warp back to the mission point and repeat until you drain the asteroid field. Watch the ISK roll in.
Yes. It really is that simple! However, don’t forget: Mine Don’t Refine. Later on, you will be able to properly refine ore, but at the beginning just sell it. It will save you a lot of time of training the necessary skills.

AFK and Semi-AFK Mining

If you tired of running with mined ore back to station and back, for maximum ease and profit, you can use a barge as a mining ship and fill in a few thousand m3 of ore in one go. It is a longer way to mine (as barge is not exactly a good fit for mining) but the good thing is that while doing it you can grab a coffee, chat with your friends, turn off your monitor to save power. You know, whatever. Just make sure your ship is properly protected. Even the most innocuous mission space randomly spawns occasional enemy fighters. Invest in armor and drones – and in the skills necessary to operate them. Always leave the drones out to guard your vessel, even if you are at the keyboard. And of course, don’t forget to recall your drones before you leave!

Ship Loss Happens

Always invest in the best Insurance you can afford for all your active ships. You may find, the cost of a new ship is miniscule compared to what you’ll make from mining – but every little helps, especially at the beginning.

Fancy Mining? Get Out and Do It! It takes time but really a piece of cake!


Earning ISK with mining would take a lot of time even the most ambitious people would not be willing to give. Anyone who has played this game for any length of time would probably advise you to play in this manner only to earn bonus time, not as a primary means of supporting your account. Unless you enjoy mining very much, there are better and more profitable ways to spend your play time as the ultimate goal for any player, seasoned or not, is to find their occupational calling and in doing so, acquire as much ISK as possible. In order to achieve this, much time, effort and strategy must be put in place and personally practiced so that you can make ISK in the most effective, yet efficient ways allowed (or not ) by CONCORD, the governing law of the EVE universe.

Missioning would be much better use of your time and effort, unless you want and can give mining those extra months of course. Running two or three missions would only set you back less than 1 hour! And you’ll only need one or two good level 4 missions a day to get those millions for PLEX.


Don't approach this game the same way noobs approach in so many other games believing that bigger ship is always better, because in this case it is not. In EVE Online it is all about the balance of trained skills and if you don’t have the necessary ones you won’t be able to fly that new fancy ship of yours or put the required armor, shield or weaponry on it. Stay with cheaper ships until the necessary skills are trained at least to level 4. Then, with a little extra cash you can buy your way into something better. Generally (not always) there are only four ship types used for different solo mission levels: Frigates for level 1, Cruisers for level 2, Battlecruisers for Level 3 and Battleships or Strategic Cruisers for level 4 missions. So there is no need to buy higher level (bigger) ship for lover level mission. Also those who buy and move up slowly have a better understanding of how the game works and lately in the game are able to make their growth in a more economical manner.

The most profitable (ISK/hour) for solo players of course are level 4 missions but there are also level 5 missions. And, they are not for newbie players as they are all based in the low security systems and suited for very experienced fleets (minimum 2 pilots with good passive tank with at least one logistics support ship). And don’t forget there is no law in 0.0 space so the gankers usually a huge problem too…

Missioning can become very tedious and sometimes quite difficult, but completing those various missions, especially for a highly valued Level 4 Agent, will create for you a very lucrative income necessary to pay for your monthly subscription.

The key to success In Missioning would be finding the good agent and training skills…

Sounds doable? You bet it is!!!

As, with a few thousand ISK at start, a few dozens of hours’ of training, and a lot of persistence, once you get to level 4 agent, you can, and will definitely make those hundreds of millions of ISK for that PLEX license. Please don’t forget, for each mission EVE Online give, you also getting Loyalty Points from your agent which you’ll be able to use to acquire Factional (really expensive) staff and sell it on the market. You’ll earn enough to keep playing, keep training and eventually, one day become the high-level mogul looking to build a Titan of your own (worth around 1500$ of real money!!!).
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