Syndication - Chapter 2 : Eagle Grip (Epic Arc Mission Level 4) Mission 10 to 12 posted by titoironman, June 26, 2016, 19:59

Syndication - Chapter 2 : Eagle Grip


Starter agent: Roineron Aviviere
Agent corporation: Impetus
Agent location: Dodixie
Standings required: 5.0 (Either Gallente faction or Impetus)
Additional skills required: ?? 

Your standings is only checked by the starter agent. Once you are on the epic arc, subsequent agents will no longer make standings checks.
This means, within this epic arc, you can choose to run missions for ANY faction regardless of your standings with them.
Roineron Aviviere is able to remotely offer his first mission if you contact him through starting a conversation.

Mission 10 - Underground Circus

Faction: Independent (Serpentis, Angel)
Mission type: Encounter
Space type: Deadspace
Web/Scramble: None
Damage dealt: Exp/Therm
Recommended damage dealing: Therm/Exp
Extras: Target Painter, Sensor Dampening

Pocket 1

2 NPC Groups: Group 1 auto aggro, Group 2 remains neutral until attacked.

Group 1 (25km)
4x Core High Admiral (Consumption Junkies) (Serpentis Battleship)
3x Gist Seraphim (Sinful Saints) (Angel Battleship) (Target Painter)
4x Corelatis Wing Leader (Consumption Junkies) (Serpentis Battlecruiser) (Sensor Dampener)
4x Gistum Centurion (Sinful Saints) (Angel Cruiser)

Group 2 (45km)
4x Corelum Guardian Chief Safeguard (Lustadores) (Serpentis Cruiser) (Sensor Dampener)
3x Corelatis Captain Sentry (Lustadores) (Serpentis Battlecruiser)

Pocket 2

NPC's spawn after entering pocket.

Spawn 1 (35km)
2x Gist Saint (Sinful Saints) (Angel Battleship) (Target Painter)
2x Core Vice Admiral (Lustadores) (Serpentis Battleship)
3x Corelatis Platoon Leader (Consumption Junkies) (Serpentis Battlecruiser) (Sensor Dampener)
2x Corelatis High Captain (Consumption Junkies) (Serpentis Battlecruiser)
2x Corelum Guardian Chief Safeguard (Lustadores) (Serpentis Cruiser) (Sensor Dampener)
2x Gistum Liquidator (Lustadores) (Angel Cruiser)

Destroy the Ringmaster's Pleasure Hub (structure) to spawn The Ringmaster.

Spawn 2
1x The Ringmaster (Serpentis Cruiser)

Mission flagged completed after destroying The Ringmaster's ship.
Loot The Ringmaster (mission objective) and return to agent.

Mission 11 - Intaki Chase

Mission type: Encounter
Space type: Normal space
Web/Scramble: Possibly
Damage dealt: Kin/Therm
Recommended damage dealing: Therm/Exp
Extras: Tracking Disruption/Energy Neut

Warp To Site
No NPC's on warp in. Seek info - destroy structures per agent's instruction.

Various structures about 60km including:
1x Intaki Settlement Control Tower (Trigger

Spawn 1 (50km, no aggro)
1x Syndicate Veteran Battleship (Independent Veteran Dominix) (Trigger)
2x Syndicate Battleship (Independent Megathron, Dominix)
3x Pator 6 Delegate (Independent Green-Crewed Tempest, Typhoon, Maelstrom)
2x Syndicate Veteran Cruiser (Independent Veteran Celestis, Exequror) (EWAR)
3x Syndicate Cruiser (Independent Thorax, Exequror)
3x Syndicate Veteran Frigate (Independent Veteran Incursus, Maulus)

Spawn 2 (50km, auto aggro, drone aggro)
3x Syndicate Veteran Battleship (Independent Veteran Megathron, Hyperion) (Last Destroyed Is Trigger

Spawn 3 (50km, auto aggro, drone aggro)
4x Syndicate Veteran Battleship (Independent Veteran Dominix, Megathron)

NPC's do heavy short range DPS and MWD to close in quickly.
Frigates and Cruisers may Web/Scram.

Mission 12 - Rat in a Corner

Faction: N/A
Mission type: Travel
Space type: Normal space
Web/Scramble: N/A
Damage dealt: N/A
Recommended damage dealing: N/A
Extras: N/A

Another travel mission. Report to agent to begin Chapter 3.

Scoping The Scene
The Low Road (low-sec branch) in the second chapter of the Gallente Level 4 Epic Arc.
NPC ship class encountered is Frigate hull up to Cruiser hull.

Mission data kindly provided by with full complience of the coryright rules stated. Please refer to the source for more information.
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