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Right to Rule - Chapter 3 : The Old Guard, Level 4 Epic Arc

Mission 19 (Final Mission) - The Right to Rule

Faction: Sansha's Nation
Mission type: Encounter
Space type: Normal space
Damage dealt: EM/Therm
Recommended damage dealing: EM/Therm
Minimum recommended ship class: Battleship
Extras: NOS (Harkan's Behemoth), Tracking Disruption (Harkan's Behemoth, Cruisers/Elite Cruisers & Battleships)

All pockets allow MWD to be used.

Acceleration Gate Entrance

The acceleration gate is 7km away.

Initial Group: (11-34km)
2x Elite Cruiser (Centum Loyal Hellhound/Mutilator)
3x Battlecruiser (Centatis Devil/Wraith)

Pocket 1

The acceleration gate is 3km away.

Initial Group: (8-36km)
1-2x Elite Frigate (Centii Loyal Servant/Minion) Warp Scram
1-2x Cruiser (Centum Slaughterer/Execrator) Tracking Disruptor
4x Elite Cruiser (Centum Loyal Hellhound/Fiend)
4x Battlecruiser (Centatis Wraith/Behemoth)
2-3x Battleship (Centus Plague Lord/Beast Lord) Tracking Disruptor

Pocket 2

The acceleration gate is 3km away.

No aggro at warp-in, however it will aggro if you get too close to group A.
Drones cannot be safely deployed without drawing aggro.

Wave 1 seems to be time triggered to appear 30-60secs after warp-in.

Initial Group A: (18-20km)
6x Battlecruiser (Centatis Devil/Daemon)

Initial Group B: (25-26km)
2x Elite Cruiser (Centum Loyal Torturer/Mutilator)
3x Battleship (Centus Mutant Lord/Savage Lord)

Wave 1: (8-12km)
4x Elite Frigate (Centii Loyal Enslaver)
4x Elite Cruiser (Centum Loyal Slaughterer/Execrator) Tracking Disruptor

Pocket 3

The acceleration gate is 7km away.

No aggro at warp-in.

Enemy ships will breed like rabbits if you do not manage your triggers in this pocket.
The key trigger is the single Battleship in the Initial Group. Pay careful attention when you attack it.

1st Chain Group is triggered when the single Battleship receives any damage. 
2nd Chain Group is triggered when the single Battleship is damaged to about 10% shield.
3rd Chain Group is triggered when the single Battleship is damaged to about 10% armor.
4th Chain Group is triggered when the single Battleship is killed.

For the Chain Group, damaging any Frigates in Group 1 triggers Group 2.

Initial Group: (16-31km)
1-2x Destroyer (Centior Monster)
1x Battleship (Centus Tyrant) Trigger (Chain Group)

Chain Group

Group 1: (4-40km)
2-3x Elite Frigate (Centii Loyal Enslaver/Butcher) Trigger (Group 2)
2-3x Battleship (Centus Overlord/Dark Lord)

Group 2: (4-40km)
1-2x Elite Cruiser (Centum Loyal Hellhound/Torturer)
1-2x Battlecruiser (Centus Daemon/Behemoth)

STOP your attack on the single Battleship after it triggered a chain.
Eliminate all enemy ships from that chain. Rinse and repeat.

Pocket 4

This is the final pocket.

You will face a total 17 waves of spawns. Be very careful in managing the triggers.

Wave 1-3 is triggered by attacking Harkan's Behemoth, when he's at armor damage and when his ship is killed respectively.
Repeating Chain Group is triggered by damaging one of the Elite Cruisers in the Initial Group.

The Repeating Chain Group will repeat itself 4.5 times before it runs out. It will feel like groundhog day. 
The key to identifying the beginning of a new chain is the appearance of Group 1 Battlecruisers.
Group 2 is triggered by killing one of the Battlecruisers in Group 1.
Group 3 is triggered by killing the last Elite Frigate in Group 2.
Attacking any ship in Group 3 triggers a new chain i.e. it resets back to Group 1.

Initial Group: (14-28km)
2x Elite Cruiser (Centum Loyal Hellhound/Fiend) Trigger (Repeating Chain Group)
2x Battleship (Centus Tyrant)
1x Battleship (Harkan's Behemoth) NOS & Tracking Disruptor, Trigger (Wave 1-3)

Wave 1: (17-19km)
1-2x Destroyer (Centior Cannibal)
1-2x Cruiser (Centum Execrator) Tracking Disruptor

Wave 2: (17-19km)
1-2x Destroyers (Centior Abomination)
1-2x Cruisers (Centum Slaughterer) Tracking Disruptor

Wave 3: (17-19km)
1-2x Destroyers (Centior Misshape)
1-2x Cruisers (Centum Execrator) Tracking disruptor

Repeating Chain Group

Group 1 (1-40km)
3x Battlecruisers (Centus Daemon/Behemoth) Trigger (Group 2)

Group 2 (1-40km)
2x Elite Frigate (Centii Loyal Scavenger/Ravener) Trigger (Group 3)

Group 3 (1-40km)
0-2x Elite Frigate (Centii Loyal Slavehunter)
1-2x Elite Cruiser (Centum Loyal Mutilator/Torturer/Slaughterer) Tracking Disruptor
1-2x Battleship (Centus Tyrant/Dread Lord)

Killing Harkan's Behemoth battleship flags the mission objective as completed.

Mission data kindly provided by eve-survival.org with full complience of the coryright rules stated. Please refer to the source for more information.
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