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Play Eve Online For Free - Planetary Interaction

Gaming has proven to be a unified platform where people from all ages and background come together to enjoy the best gaming experience. Gaming industry has surpassed movies and music industry when it comes to revenue, which is a evidence of its widespread popularity. Both software and hardware manufacturers gives gamers what they really want.

Online gaming and mobile gaming have also come into the limelight recently after high-speed internet and powerful mobile devices started to dominate the market. Eve Online shows why online multiplayer gaming scene is heating up. Moreover, there are many ways from which you can play a monthly subscription based game like Eve online for free. Of course, for that you have to perform very well in the game.

Read our Eve guide, which will show you how you can enjoy your favorite online game absolutely free. Not only that but, we will also discuss some aspects of game mechanics. If you are familiar with multiplayer online games then you can easily get used to Eve online game too. It could be highly enjoyable experience for you because this combines fun with learning in a brilliant way.

Planet Control

Simply put, the better you perform in the game the more coins and points you earn which makes it easier for you to buy game elements. You will have to buy a command control centre from where you can conquer as many planets as you can to show your dominance. The more planets you control at one time increase your influence on the game and you gain control over the game.

Find the Planet

Remote sensing skills are required to scan for new planets and find out planets you can capture. There are many different types of planets in the game. If you want to extract resources from them, then buying a command and control center is a must. Often control centers are already established on the planet you are trying to attack so be very careful. All other players who have their control centers established will be hogging the planet resources at a rapid pace so make a decision wisely.

You will have to look around for different types of planets and solar system to capture necessary planet you want. Some types of planets in the game are as follows:


Construct a Command Centre

Another brilliant thing in the game is that you will not have to land on the planet to build your command and control center on the planet because you can do it form your ship. Take advantage of Science and Industry tab to take control of not only the newly constructed command center but also other bodies.

Planetary interaction option will be on the left side. You can build control centers extractors to mine the resource on the planet. Press the scan button to see the type of resources present in the planet. Heat map effectively shows where the hotspots are so you can extract the maximum resources quickly. You can easily make a correct decision by looking at the heat map about where to build the control center.

You will be shown the amount of resource it would take to build a control center. If you have those resources, you can start constructing the command and control center there and then. You will have to pay taxes and other charges as well for building the control center on any planet.

Storage Facility

You can also set up a storage facility where you can store the materials and resources you have extracted from the planet. You will also have to specify the things you will be storing in the storage facility. Not only that, but you will have to indicate the route from which the material are going to travel from extraction site to your storage facility. How you will move the resources to your storage facility should also be indicated. This shows the detailed approach of the game.
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