Worlds Collide - Blood Raiders / Angel, Pocket 2 (Angel) posted by titoironman, April 24, 2016, 22:59

Faction: Blood Raiders / Angel Cartel (Blood Raiders in the last pocket)
Mission type: Encounter
Space type: Deadspace, gated
Web/Scramblers: Yes, Elite Frigs, Blood Spy
Damage dealt: EM/Therm (very little Kin) from Bloods; All kinds, but heavy Exp/Kin from Angels
Recommended damage dealing: EM/Therm for the Bloods / Exp/Kin for the Angels.
Minimum recommended ship class: Battleship
Extras: NOS (Priest/Dark Priest)

Pocket 2 (Angel Cartel)

Tank: Exp / Kin
Aggro at warp in: Yes (might web too)

Four apparent groups as of April 2011.

Group 1: 7km
Aggro at warp in
2x Frigates (Angel Spy) (Web/Scramble)
3x Battleships (Apostle/Oracle)

Group 2: 20km
4x Frigates (Gist Viper) (Web)
2x Cruiser (Gist Primus)
3x Battleships (Gist Saint) 

Group 3: 35km
3x Elite Frigates (Arch Gist Hunter/Impaler)
1x Elite Battlecruiser (Arch Gist Centurion)
4x Battleships (Saint/Warlord)

Group 4: 50km
5x Battleships (Gist Throne/Cherubim)

Using drones on the Spies causes the whole room to aggro. The Saints throw Bane torpedoes and can hit at 55km or more. Arch Gistum Centurion is fast and will close the range to under 20km, so kill before the Saints. Cherubim throw Havoc cruise missiles to at least 80km. Thrones are shorter range. Chance of spawning a Gist Overlord [543k battleship] as well. Chance increases with every ship that enters the room. Overlord waits to be attacked, and attacking it caused the remainder of the room to aggro.

Original player leaving to get more ammo and returning does not cause remaining groups to aggro.

Mission data kindly provided by with full complience of the coryright rules stated. Please refer to the source for more information.
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