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Faction: Amarr
Mission type: Encounter
Space type: Deadspace, gated
Web/Scramble: Yes, Elite Frigates
Damage dealt: EM/Therm
Recommended damage dealing: Exp/Kin
Minimum recommended ship class: Battleship
Extras: Tracking disruption

Single Pocket

No aggro upon warp-in.

One big group at around 60 km distance (perfect for sniping). Ships begin to spawn after accepting the mission, so be quick to the encounter otherwise you may be faced with overwhelming fire.

3 Frigates (Imperial Sixtus)
6 Frigates (Imperial Bahir/Imperial Templar Forian) (Tracking Disruption)
4 Elite Frigates (Divine Imperial Bahir/Divine Imperial Napat (Web/Scram/Tracking Disruption)
4 Elite Frigates (Divine Imperial Valok/Divine Imperial Paladin (Web/Scram)

6 Cruisers (Imperial Muzakir)
4 Cruisers (Imperial Tamir) (NOS)
3 Cruisers (Imperial Agatho) (Tracking Disruption)
7 Elite Cruisers (Imperial Templar Mathura/Imperial Templar Donus/Imperial Templar Agatho)

8 Battleships (Imperial Bataivah/Imperial Tanakh)
4 Battleships (Imperial Ultara) (Heavy Kinetic Damage)
2 Battleships (Imperial Dominator/Imperial Martyr) (Heavy Kinetic Damage/NOS)
4 Elite Battleships (Imperial Templar Dominator/Imperial Templar Martyr) (Heavy Kinetic Damage)
2 Elite Battleships (Imperial Templar Judgement)

3 Industrial Ships (Imperial Industrial)

Blow up the Enemy Control Tower, and the mission is complete (Shipyards explode by themselves once Control Tower is killed). The Control Tower has zero resists, so hit it with your highest damage ammo.

You have to destroy the control tower to finish the mission. The 3 enemy shipyards automatically explode when you destroy the tower.

You should use a fast ship, so you would be too fast for enemy guns.
The Control Tower has approximately 150,000hp. Fit for a good tank if you're going for the blitz.
Destroying the Control Tower incurs a 2.4% standing penalty. Decline this mission if you care about your Amarr standings.

Standing loss:
0.02% loss per standing tick as well as the 2.4% loss for the Control Tower's destruction.

Mission data kindly provided by with full complience of the coryright rules stated. Please refer to the source for more information.
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