Enemies Abound, Part 5 of 5 posted by titoironman, April 17, 2016, 21:53

Faction: Minmatar Republic
Mission type: Encounter
Space type: Deadspace (MWD Works)
Web/Scramble: Yes, Republic Fleet C-1 (and D-1) Support Frigates
Damage dealt: Therm/Exp
Recommended damage dealing: Exp/EM
Minimum recommended ship class: Battleship
Extras: NOS (Freedom Patriot, Freedom Liberty)

Drones will be aggroed by reinforcement waves. 

Difficulty: Very Hard
Republic Fleet Darkana Have extremely high shield resist to EM (80%) Therm (70%) Kin (60%) Exp (50%) equip explosive damage ammo to deal with these ships. They have 0% armor/hull resist to Exp/EM damage is virtually useless and they will regen faster than you can kill them. Use Explosive on the Smugglers Stargate.

Single Pocket

6 waves of Republic Fleet ships that warp-in at 4-minute intervals. The first wave (on warp-in) may be split into two groups with the 2nd group warping in shortly after the 1st.

Wave 1 (On Warp-in) 30-40km
2x Heavy Missile Battery
8x Cruiser (4xRepublic Fleet Rupture, 4x Republic Fleet Stabber)
2x Battleship (1x Republic Fleet Tempest, 1x Republic Fleet Typhoon)

WAVE 2 50-55km
3x Frigate (Republic Fleet Officer)
1x Battleship (Republic Fleet Darkana)

WAVE 3 55-60km
4x Frigate (Republic Fleet D-1 Support Frigate) (Web/Scramble)
3x Battleship (1x Republic Fleet Tempest, 2x Republic Fleet Typhoon)

WAVE 4 90-95km
4x Cruiser (Republic Fleet Rupture)
4x Battleship (2x Republic Fleet Typhoon, 2x Republic Fleet Darkana)

WAVE 5 60km
3x Cruiser (Freedom Patriot)
3x Battleship (Freedom Liberty)

5x Frigate (Republic Fleet C-1 Support Frigate) (Web/Scramble)
3x Battleship (Republic Fleet Darkana)

Don't forget to destroy the Stargate before warping back to your agent! (Note: Stargate has very high HP). 

Standing loss:
A Bunker and Heavy Missile Battery will hit you with -2.4% faction hit if you destroy them. Only needed hit is -0.02% that occurs with 1 of the Republic Fleet Typhoons.

Mission data kindly provided by eve-survival.org with full complience of the coryright rules stated. Please refer to the source for more information.
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