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Faction: Blood Raiders
Mission type: Encounter
Space type: Deadspace, not gated, MWDs are working!
Web/Scramble: Yes, Elder Corpii Upholder, Elder Corpii Diviner
Damage dealt: Em/Therm
Reccomended damage dealing: EM/Therm
Minimum recommended ship class: Battleship, Shuttle
Extras: Heavy NOS by Corpus Archbishops and Corpus Harbingers

The task is to "deliver" 10 units of Quafe Ultra to your agent. You arrive 40 km away from the warehouse that contains the mission item. The mission completion trigger is looting that warehouse for said Quafe Ultra, once Quafe Ultra is looted, a first spawn will appear, potentially scrambling you but without a great deal of dps. A second group can be triggered by killing the destroyer (Corpior Friar). There is no need to trigger the second group. Beware that the second group has up to 6 cap-draining battleships, so if you intend to fight be prepared and warp out before you get capped out (as always, beware scramblers).

Single Pocket

Group 1 (appears when the Missionloot was taken from the Warehouse.)

8 ships total in combination of:

2-3x Battlecruisers (Corpior Exorcists/Phantoms)
2-3x Elite Cruisers (Elder Corpum Dark Priests/Shadow Sages)
1-2x Elite Destroyers (Elder Corpii Friar/Herald) (Warp/Scramble)
1-2x Destroyers (Corpior Friar/Cleric) (Trigger)

Spawn 1
4-6x Battleships (Corpus Archbishop/Harbinger) (NOS within 25km range, 25% chance, 350 units)
1x Battleship (Corpus Pope aka. Kubi Gayar)
1x Cruiser (Corpum Dark Priest/Arch sage)
2x Battlecruiser (Corpior Phantom/Exorcist)
2-3x Elite Frigs (Elder Corpii Raider/Reaver/Engraver) (Web/Scramble)

The group of Corpus Archbishops/Harbingers will empty your cap very quickly once they are in range.

Mission is flagged completed after you have picked up the goods from the objective (Warehouse).
Microwarpdrives work and a single cycle will easily get a frigate close enough to the Warehouse.
Don't forget to pickup the goods from the Warehouse, unless you are using Method 1 (see below).
If you can get outside their effective gun range (about 40 km) you can easily snipe them safely.

The spawn doesn't appear to happen until you actually take the Quafe from the Warehouse. Still easily done in a shuttle. Drop the item in cargo and warp out.

Method 1: (Safest - Do not pick up goods and buy From Market instead)
Buy the needed goods (Quafe Ultra) on the market.
Put the Quafe in the hangar of station where the mission agent is located, then accept the mission.
Warp to mission and fly towards Warehouse until Group 1 spawns.
Warp out and you can complete the mission.

Method 2: (Pick up with a fast Ship)
Warp to the mission in a shuttle or very fast (super tanked) frigate with a MWD. An assault frigate is ideal for this.
Open your cargo hold and approach the warehouse at full speed.
Be ready to open the warehouse and drag the item to your cargo hold. Quickly warp out.

Method 3: (Pick up with a cloaked Ship)
Equip a cloaking device, preferably on a fast ship such as a frigate (for the speed drawback).
Warp to the site, and when your about 25km out, turn on your Cloak.
Turtle your way to the hanger and you'll decloak at about 3-4km from it, giving you enough time to make it the rest of the way and warp out without being targeted.

Mission data kindly provided by with full complience of the coryright rules stated. Please refer to the source for more information.
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