Pirate Invasion - Gurista Pirates posted by JakeLin, December 14, 2015, 4:21

Faction: Guristas
Mission type: Deadspace
Web/Scramble: Yes, Dire Pithi Arrogator
Damage dealt: Kin/Therm
Recommended damage dealing: Kin/Therm
Minimum recommended ship class: Battlecruiser
Extras: Jamming

Guarding the Gate

Aggro from all, 20km from warp-in.

7x EW Frigates (Pithi Despoilers/Saboteurs) (Jamming)
2x Interceptors (Dire Pithi Arrogators/Imputors) (Web/Scramble)

As usual with npc jammers, there is only one jamming period. Wait it out and then blast them all, or let your drones do it.

Pocket 1

Aggro at warp-in. Shoot anything and the entire pocket aggros.

Group 1, 50km around the gate.

5x Pithum Cruisers (Pithum Annihilator/Mortifier)
1x Battlecruiser (Pithatis Assaulter)

Group 2, 60-80km from the gate (around the war installation).

5x Frigates (Pithior Renegade/Guerilla/Destructor/Demolisher)
3x EW Cruisers (Pithum Nullifier/Annihilator/Eraser) (may Jam)

War installation drops t1 loot. (Takes a fair amount of damage, dropped some ammo, a meta 2 launcher, meta 3 rail)

Pocket 2

Only Group 1 aggros on warp in.

Group 1, 30km from the gate.
5x Frigs/Destroyers (Pithi Wrecker/Nihilist/Renegade)
2x Interceptors (Dire Pithi Imputor)
1x Destroyers (Dire Pithi Demolisher)

Group 2, (25-40km)
7x Cruisers/Battlecruisers (varies, typically quite strong jamming in this group)
This group contains the (Pithum Killer) Caracal

Group 3, (50-65km)
7x Cruisers/Battlecruisers (varies)

It's possible to shoot the groups in the given order without aggroing the other. However shooting group 3 will aggro group 2.

Pocket 3

Pocket 3 appears to be a random addition to this mission, you might get it, you might not. If you do get it, it is required for mission completion.

Group 1, Auto aggro
4x Frigate
3x Destroyer

Group 2
8x Cruisers

Group 3
3x Cruiser
3x Battlecruiser

Group 2 not required for completion. Group 3 can be range-aggressed without pulling Group 2 (however you then get drone aggro from Group 2).

Mission data kindly provided by eve-survival.org with full complience of the coryright rules stated. Please refer to the source for more information.
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