New Frontiers, Part 2 and 3 of 7 posted by JakeLin, December 14, 2015, 4:08

Part 2 of 7 - Mad Scientist

Faction: Rogue Drones
Mission Type: Encounter
Space Type: Deadspace
Warp/Scramble: Yes, Strain Drones
Damage dealt: Exp/Kin/Therm
Recommended Damage Dealing: EM/Therm
Minimum recommended ship class: Battlecruiser
Extras: Neutralizer Towers and Stasis Towers

12x Drone Frigates (Sunder Alvi/Raider Alvi)

Wave 2
2x Drone Cruisers (Bomber Alvum)

Wave 3
2x Drone Cruisers (Violator Alvum)
2x Drone Frigates (Barracuda Alvi)

An Alvus Mother drone might spawn.

All will spawn almost immediately after you warp in. The Raiders/Sunders orbit at 2-4km. There are only few drone cruisers, so it is not a heavy pocket. Destroy the 2 bunkers to stop more respawning.

Pocket 2

All aggro at warp-in, 35-45km

2x Drone Stasis Tower
2x Drone Neutralizer Tower
4x Tower Sentry Drone
1x Drone Battlecruiser (Defeater Alvatis)
2x Drone Cruiser (Bomber Alvum)
5x Drone Frigates (Decimator Alvi/Raider Alvi)

Wave 2
(After the Neut Towers are destroyed)
1x Drone Frigate (Devilfish Alvi)

Wave 3
(After Wave 2 is destroyed)
2x Drone Cruiser (Devastator Alvum)
2x Drone Elite Frigate (Strain Sunder Alvi)

Wave 4
(After attacking Delainen's Lab)
6x Drone Cruiser (Wreck Alvum/Violator Alvum)
2x Drone Destroyer (Shatter Alvior)
5x Drone Frigate (Silverfish Alvi/Raider Alvi) - WEB/SCRAMBLE

Kill the neut towers first and align when you land so you can warp out when you running low on cap. Destroy "Professor Delainen's Lab". The professor is in the can dropped by the lab.

Ignore pocket 1, head straight for the lab in pocket 2. You may prefer to kill the Stasis Towers first.

Part 3 of 7 - Toward a Solution

Mission type: Courier (0.1m3)

Mission data kindly provided by with full complience of the coryright rules stated. Please refer to the source for more information.
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