Whispers in the Dark - Part 3 and 4 of 4 posted by titoironman, October 12, 2015, 1:29

Part 3 of 4: Spy Drones

Mission Type: Courier

Part 4 of 4: The Outpost

Faction: Sansha's Nation
Mission type: Encounter
Space type: Deadspace
Web/Scramble: None
Damage dealt: EM/Therm
EReccomended damage dealing: EM/Therm
Minimum recommended ship class: Battlecruiser
Extras: Weapon Disruption (Centum Juggernaut)

Pocket 1 (Must destroy all NPCs to unlock gate)

Group 1 @ 20km (Auto Aggro)
5x Frigates (Centii Plague/Enslaver)

Group 2 @ 50km (Right)
6x Frigates (Centii Plague/Enslaver)

Group 3 @ 55km (Left)
3x Frigates (Centii Servant/Minion)
1x Cruiser (Centum Juggernaut) Weapon Disruption

Group 4 @ 60km (Storage Silo)
Attacking it will aggro group 5
5x Frigates (Centii Butcher/Centii Manslayer)

Group 5 @ 80-90km (Ruined Stargate)
5x Frigates (Centii Servant/Centii Minion)
2x Destroyer (Centior Misshape)

Pocket 2

Group 1: (Auto Aggro)
3x Destroyers (Centior Cannibal/Devourer)

Group 2
Aggro when you attack the Worker's Quarter
3x Destroyers (Centior Devourer/Abomination)

Group 3 @ 40km
3x Frigates (Centii Butcher)

The mission completes when the Worker's Quarters are destroyed.

Mission data kindly provided by eve-survival.org with full complience of the coryright rules stated. Please refer to the source for more information.
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