Recon - z* Part 3 of 3 ALL FACTIONS posted by titoironman, October 11, 2015, 23:24

Part 3 of 3

Faction: None
Mission type: Reconnaissance
Space type: Deadspace
Web/Scramble: None
Damage dealt: All types
Minimum recommended ship class: Cruiser
Extras: Gas Cloud Damage

You warp directly into a cloud. Warp-out gate is 60km away, activate it to complete the mission.

Toxic Cloud Waves deal all kinds of damage evenly and come every 20s. Every wave has 4 separate damage types, you will only see one of them in the log. Total unresisted damage starts at about 200 (50 per type) and slightly goes up to about 1400 (350 per type). The final wave will be more than 4000 (more than 1000 per type) unresisted damage.

The solution for the average level 2 mission runner is obviously not to get hit by the final wave.
Use a fast ship with an afterburner and a buffer tank (like shield extenders) to get to the gate before that wave hits.
There is a very large number of asteroids (91 in total) in the pocket after the Toxic Cloud.

Mission data kindly provided by with full complience of the coryright rules stated. Please refer to the source for more information.
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