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Part 1 of 4
Faction: Minmatar, Amarr
Mission Type: Courier / Encounter
Minimum recommended ship class: Destroyer

Single Pocket

1x Destroyer (Republic Bormin) - Appears at 50km range, Aggros when you are about 15km distance to Amarr-Caldari Mediation Center.

Cargo container ejects from Amarr-Caldari Mediation Center at 2km.
Can be opened, and mission completed without killing Republic Bormin.

Part 2 of 4
Mission Type: Courier

Objective: Pick up / Deliver Missions Reports (3.0 m3)

Part 3 of 4
Mission Type: Courier / Encounter

Objective: Pick up / Deliver Slaver Hound (16.0 m3)

At 2km station ejects can with Slaver Hounds for Objective
Station then detonates, doing 200 damage
Destroyed station leaves can with T1 loot

Part 4 of 4
Faction: Amarr
Mission Type: Encounter
Space type: 
Web/Scramble: None
Damage dealt: Exp/Kin
Recommended damage dealing: EM for Amarr/Therm for Minmatar
Minimum recommended ship class: Frigate

Objective: Kill the Amarrian traitor and her bodyguards.

Single Pocket

3x Frigates ("The Traitor") is Amarr, Bodyguard (2x) are Minmatar.

"The Traitor" aggros on warp in.
Bodyguards aggro after Traitor starts shooting you.
All 3 Frigates must be killed to complete mission.
Loot is empire tags and T1 modules.

Mission data kindly provided by with full complience of the coryright rules stated. Please refer to the source for more information.
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