Encounter at Station 464 posted by titoironman, October 3, 2015, 15:07

Faction: Caldari
Mission Type: Encounter
Space Type: Deadspace
Web/Scramble: None
Damage Dealt: Kin/Therm
Recommended Damage Dealing: Kin/Therm
Minimum recommended ship class: Frigate

Single Pocket

Initial Group:
3x State Bo-Hi

3x State Nagasa

Outfit the a Codebreaker to your ship's medium slot.
Use the Codebreaker on Relay Station 464, loot the Data Chip.

Hack the relay station. Pick up the Data Chip and warp out.

Mission data kindly provided by eve-survival.org with full complience of the coryright rules stated. Please refer to the source for more information.
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