Barren Perimeter Reservoir posted by titoironman, June 18, 2016, 19:05

Faction: Sleepers
Signature type: Ladar
Space type: Normal Space
Web/Scramble: None
Damage dealt: Omni
Minimum recommended ship class: Medium tanked Battlecruisers
Recommended generic setup: Omni tank
Extras: NOS

Single Pocket

Single Spawn
3x Frigates (Emergent Patroller)
2x Frigates (Emergent Watchman) NOS

Gas Clouds
3000 Fullerite-C50 (3000 m3)
1500 Fullerite-C60 (1500 m3)

Total Gas Volume: 4500 m3

Mission data kindly provided by with full complience of the coryright rules stated. Please refer to the source for more information.
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